Bridging the Generation Gap: Gen Unison’s 5-Step Guide to Multigenerational Community Building

Bridging the Generation Gap to Form Multigenerational Teams in 5 Steps

In the quest to combat climate change, we don’t have a shortage of technological solutions, we have a shortage of trust. Without trust, we will continue to compete with each other rather than truly collaborating on changing our society in a way that benefits all people. More and more, our youth is expressing that they don’t trust that their elders will listen to them. They are losing trust that we of the middle and older generations won’t hear their ideas for address the Climate Crisis. To address Climate Change, we need to rebuild trust across the generation gap. With trust,we can work together in multigenerational teams.

Hello, I’m G.K. Hunter, the founder of Gen Unison. Our mission is clear: rebuilding trust between our living generations so that we can work together and prepare our communities for natural disasters.

Join me as I walk you through Gen Unison’s five-step process for bridging the generation gap and creating projects that genuinely benefit our communities. Our journey begins at GenUnison.com, a social media platform designed to unite people of all ages.

Here, you’ll discover valuable resources like our blog and generational guides, helping you understand the events that shaped Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers.

It’s your hub for multigenerational insights and discussions. The Generation Guides and Blog is available to all. To participate in our 5 Step Process, just sign up for a free membership to our Gen Unison Social Media Platform.

Step 1: Participate in Monthly Intergenerational Healing Circles on Our Social Media Platform

As a free Gen Unison member, you gain access to our monthly intergenerational healing circles, conducted via Zoom meetings. Register for free on our social media platform here: https://genunison.com/register/

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These gatherings aim to offer and receive support while rebuilding trust among generations. They provide a unique opportunity for open and candid conversations, a chance to clear the air, and a platform to share positive mentorship and intergenerational experiences.

Step 2: Find a Mentor

After participating in our Zoom meetings, you’re ready for step two – mentorship. This services is open to anyone of any age, including members of Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, Baby Boomers, and the Silent Generation.

Gen Unison offers a mentor matching service, connecting you with experienced individuals who can guide you in your community projects.

Whether you’re embarking on a solar panel installation or any other endeavour, having a mentor with decades of experience can be invaluable.

And remember, mentorship isn’t a one-way street – younger members can offer reverse mentorship, sharing their tech-savvy skills with older generations who are looking to expand their skill sets.

Step 3: Launch Your Multigenerational Community Project

If you already have an idea of how you want to help your community or if you have an active project that needs more support, Gen Unison can help. Some projects are solo projects where you just need mentorship, guidance, or funding to complete the project. Other projects require several team members to complete. Regardless of the size of your project, the Genunison.com social media platform helps you to promote your projects, including your crowdfunding promotions.

Whether your project involves renewable energy, starting a garden, or building ponds to prevent wildfires and droughts, you can bring it to life online.

We know from experience that there are 3 essential factors to a successful project.

The Essential Building Blocks to Successful Project include:

  • Support
  • Mentorship
  • Funding

Step 4: Build Your Multigenerational Project Team

For those who need more help to complete their project, step 4 is team building for your multigenerational project. This step also applies to solo projects that could be reproduced in other communities by local team leaders with mentorship.

Gen Unison offers opportunities to assemble the right team, combining the wisdom and work experience of Baby Boomers and Gen X with the energy and fresh ideas of Gen Z and Millennials.

Step 5: Inspire Others and Go Viral on Genunison.com

Finally, step five involves sharing your project with others to inspire more multigenerational teams to form. A successfully complete project is living proof that we can update our communities in the Era of Climate Change.

Capture your project’s journey in a video and share it on Gen Unison, allowing others to learn from your experiences, both successes and setbacks.

Create a post on Genunison.com

Join the Gen Unison Movement for Bridging the Generation Gap

As we confront the climate crisis, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. Negative news can dominate our feeds, but remember, there are numerous positive success stories happening worldwide.

Gen Unison is a place where you can immerse yourself in support and celebrate multigenerational success stories that are changing communities, one at a time.

Ask yourself daily, “Is this our best effort?”

We believe we can do better.

By organizing people through multigenerational projects on Genunison.com, sharing inspiring content, and building positive momentum, we are making a difference.

Join us at GenUnison.com and discover the incredible work your neighbors may already be doing.

Together, we can bridge the generation gap and build a brighter, multigenerational future for all.

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