How To Use Gen Unison

People from different generations holding hands including Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers

How to Login and Post on Gen Unison:

Step 1: Login or Sign-up here: Register – Gen Unison

You can also click the Login icon

Gen Unison website header

Complete the form if this is your first time signing-up. Otherwise, just enter your use email and password to arrive at the Gen Unison social media platform. 

Register on Gen Unison social media platform


Step 2: Click the Activity Feed Icon

Gen Unison Activity Feed Icon Location

Step 3: Click on: “Share Whats on your Mind”

Share on Gen Unison social media platform
Click the box that says “Share what’s on your mind” just like other social media sites.


Step 4: Fill out the text box

You can also upload a photo or video as well.

Create a post on Genunison.com
Click “Post” to upload the post.
Your post will publish shortly afterwards.

Welcome to Gen Unison’s Social Media Platform

Welcome to Gen Unison, your online home for multigenerational collaboration. We are community leaders, volunteers, and change agents from all around the world who are uniting our generations as we face humanity’s greatest challenge yet – Climate Change. At Gen Unison, we believe that we can preserve our organized, human society by forming multi-generational teams that prepare our communities for coming storm. 

Here you can find:

1. Support for climate anxiety

2. Like minded people to support your projects

3. Our mentor matching service

4. A safe social media experience to share your content without the algorithm limits of toxic social media options

5. Press release services for nonprofit organizations and positive projects

6. Our Monthly Newsletter sharing inspirational success stories of communities building inter-generational unison


First Steps:

1. Register for Free: GenUnison is a mediated social media platform that takes member safety seriously. There is free content that you can view without logging, but the vast majority of content requires free registration. To see content by other members requires logging in. Select your online handle (username) and complete your profile. Here is a copy of our community standards.

2. Add connections by selecting the “Members” tab directly above your activity feed.

3. Create your first post: At the top of your Activity Feed, simple click in the text box to start writing your first post. You can attach photos and videos directly to the post by clicking the icons below the text box.

Enjoy yourself and welcome to our community.


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